How to Make Colour Run Powder Stay in Your Shirt


How to Make Colour Run Powder Stay in Your Shirt

Participating in a colour powder fun run brings a burst of vibrant colours to your clothes making it memorable and unique experience! Keeping those vivid colours on your shirt can be a fun challenge. Follow these steps to ensure your colour run powder stays on your shirt for a longtime.


How Do I Make Colour Fun Run Powder Stain My Clothes?

Keeping colour powder on your shirt is easier than you think! Here’s a simple guide to help you retain those beautiful hues:


STEP 1: Don’t Shake It Off!

Avoid shaking off  the colour powder from your clothes. The more powder you keep on your shirt during the run, the better it will stain afterward.

We recommend gently removing your fun run shirt shortly after the event ends. Fold it and place it in a safe, plastic bag until you can properly treat it at home.

STEP 2: Spray and Soak!

Grab a spray bottle filled with white vinegar and generously soak your entire shirt, especially focusing on the areas with colour powder. Ensure the shirt lies flat during this process to prevent colours from running and mixing.

Don’t forget to spray the back of the shirt as well!

STEP 3: Lay It Flat to Dry

Lay your vinegar-soaked shirt flat to dry. This allows the colour powder to evenly soak into the fabric, preserving vibrant hues without blending colours together.

Let it dry completely until no longer damp to the touch.

STEP 4: Apply a Hot Iron

To set the colour powder into your shirt, use a hot iron. For safety, it’s advisable to have an adult assist with this step. Set the iron to high heat and press firmly over the areas with colour powder.

Ironing helps to seal the colours into the fabric for lasting vibrancy.

STEP 5: Final Dry

Turn your shirt inside out and place it in a clothes dryer for about 10 minutes. If a dryer isn’t available, use a hair dryer to evenly heat the shirt and set the colour powder.

Voila! Your colour run shirt is now ready to show off its vibrant colours.

Remember, colours may fade slightly after each wash. To prolong their vibrancy, wash your shirt in cold water without detergent, lay it flat to dry, and iron after each wash.

Enjoy your beautifully coloured shirt and relive the excitement of your colour run event!

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