Holi Colour Powder, powered by Australian Fundraising, is Australia’s largest distributor of authentic Indian colour powder and premium slime. Our products are renowned for being safe and easy to use at all types of events.

We proudly offer the world’s first skin-safety certified Holi colour powder, crafted from 100% natural, edible ingredients. Verified by the highest certification body globally, our natural colour powders are unmatched in quality.

Our colour powder is vibrant, washes off easily, and leaves no stains. Its silky-smooth, non-abrasive texture sets it apart, making it ideal for Holi festivals, colour runs, school fun runs, and charitable events.


Synthetic colours harm our skin and pose a significant threat to the environment. Chemical-laden colours contain toxic substances that can contaminate water bodies, soil, and vegetation, causing long-term ecosystem damage.

Choosing organic colours made from 100% natural ingredients promotes environmental sustainability by reducing pollution and preserving natural resources. Choosing chemical-free Holi colours contributes to a cleaner and greener environment for future generations.

Good for you and good for the earth!

Discover the Difference

Eco-Friendly & Skin Safe

Our authentic Indian colour powder is made up primarily from corn starch and food-grade dye, making it safe for all skin types. Similarly, our slime is a premium product that is easy to mix, safe to use, and doesn’t clump

Free Freight Over $150*

Subject to location. In very exceptional cases where delivery may result in unusually high freight charges (including, but not limited to, remote delivery locations, inner city deliveries, island deliveries, etc.), we reserve the right to cancel an order or charge freight to help absorb a portion of the costs.

Indian Colour Powder

We are the premier distributor of the highest quality authentic Indian colour powder and premium slime in Australia. Our products are not only safe but also incredibly easy to use, ensuring hassle-free enjoyment for all.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Our unbeatable lowest price guarantee makes your event planning easier than ever. We’re committed to offering the best value for your budget. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best deal, and let us help make your event unforgettable.

Bulk Discounts Available

If you’re preparing for a big occasion, contact us to learn about our exclusive bulk discounts. Maximise your savings while ensuring a fantastic experience for all your participants. Take advantage of our competitive prices and exceptional service to make your event truly special.

Safe & Certified

Our authentic Indian colour powder and premium slime that is safe and easy to use for all kinds of events. We supply the world’s first skin-safety certified, 100% natural Holi colour powder handcrafted using edible ingredients.

proudly sourced from india

The vibrant Holi colour powder, also called Gulal, finds its roots in India, where it has been an integral part of the festive celebration of Holi for centuries. Our  dedication lies in directly sourcing this colourful powder from its place of origin, preserving its authenticity and deep cultural essence.

We are deeply committed to  empowering small businesses across India by adhering to fair labour practices, ensuring that every purchase you make contributes positively to communities abroad.