Calculate Your Powder or Slime Needs: Quick and Easy!

Use our calculator to quickly determine how much color powder or non-toxic, water-based slime you’ll need for your event. Simply fill in the fields to get an exact amount tailored to your needs.


To host a colour or slime fun run, plan to have 3-7 stations along your course. If you are going to be on a running track or loop, like a school oval, you will use the same stations for all the colours.

At each station, volunteers will disperse the colour powder using our squirt bottles or toss 1 cupful of powder at each runner. Or volunteers will use slime blasters to squirt your participants with our ooey gooey slime. Your participants will be looking like a rainbow by the end of the race!

We recommend to separate the colour powder and slime evenly before the start of the race so your last running group doesn’t miss out.

Colour Powder & Slime Calculator

Choose from either colour powder or slime, then enter the amount of people participating and it will you provide you with the preferred amounts for your event.