Colourful fun eye protection

When you’re running a colour event or fun run with colour powders outside during the day (particularly with kids) it’s a good idea to protect their eyes from the sun and also any stray powder that may get into eyes with misplaced throws or ill-timed explosions.

Whilst our powders are completely non-toxic and biodegradable, they may become an irritant if powder gets in someone's eyes. Powder can easily be washed out with water or you can protect your peepers with our colourful range of glasses.

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Colourful glasses for Holi Colour Powder events, school fun runs, etc

We get many schools organising fun runs and want to incorporate coloured powder into the event. By also giving students and participants our range of sunglasses you’re not only protecting their eyes from the sun and powder, you’re giving them a momento of the occasion.

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