Make your next event an explosion of colour and fun

With our range of colour powder packets, bottles and boxes (bulk colour powder) your next event will be an explosion of delighted faces and colour clouds. If you’re wondering where to buy colour powder you’ve come to the right place.

Holi Colour Powder is powered by Australian Fundraising – one of Australia’s largest fundraising product suppliers who have assisted over 30,000 organisations, schools and clubs with fundraising events spanning almost 20 years.

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How much colour powder will I need?

If you’re organising an event or school colourful run explosion and are wondering how much colour paint powder you need, we recommend between 100-200 grams per participant. We find the spray bottles are a great option to use for short courses.

If you’re looking at having a colour explosion at the end of a run or event, our 100g bags are the perfect colourful ending for any event!

Colour packets or bottles for a colour fun run?

This will depend if you want participants to have their own colour chalk powder or if you have teachers / event staff creating the colour explosions.

If you want participants to have their own powder, our 100g or 500g bags are the perfect option. If you would like event co-ordinators or teachers to manage the dispensing of the holi colour powder, our bottles are a better option.

If you have more questions, please feel free to go to our contact us page or call us on 1300 133 022.