Fundraising made simple!

Colour Explosions LOOK amazing and are often the best day students have at school! The rave reviews may have you thinking that Colour Explosion Fun Runs need alot of organisation and time to be successful.

But it’s easier than you think with Holi Colour Powder!

Not only do we have over 20 years experience in helping schools and groups host successful fundraisers, we are one of Australia’s largest suppliers of non-toxic, water soluble Holi Colour Powder!

You’ve found a one stop shop for everything you need to host the most wonderful Colour Explosion Fun Run event, including Colour Powder, Rainbow Headbands, Sunglasses, Water Blasters, Finale bags and more!

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    Why Host A Colour Explosion Fun Run through Holi Colour Powder?

    Affordable prices, reliable service

    At Holi Colour Powder, we import our geniune Holi Colour Powder straight from the source. This means we have no additional costs and keep prices low for our customers, and can put more time into providing fast, reliable service.

    The brightest day at school!

    You can join over 2 million students who have the best day at school with a Colour Explosion through Holi Colour Powder and our sister company, Australian Fundraising! With glowing reviews across the board, a Colour Explosion Fun Run is sure to be a hit!

    Safe for skin and eyes

    Our genuine Holi Colour Powder is made from biodegradable corn starch and food-grade colours! This means that it is safe for skin, eyes and insides if accidents happen. You can rest assured that safety always comes first!

    Accomplishing a successful, Colourful School Fun Run is easier than you think!

    It’s pretty much impossible to not have a smile on your face when ending a fun run with a Colour Explosion using our colour powder!

    Every year, kids vote Colour Explosion Fun Runs as one of the most exciting and enjoyable events of the school year! It’s a great opportunity for teachers and students to create happy memories together.

    Get started today!

    How to fundraise with a Colour Explosion Fun Run event

    Hosting your own Colour Explosion Fun Run event has never been easier! 

    1. Request your free Colour Explosion Information Guide. 
    2. Purchase your colour powder and other necessary race day items, like white shirts, headbands or sunglasses.
    3. Sell tickets to your race!
    4. Have the brightest day ever with your Colour Explosion Fun Run!
    purchase your race kits today!
    It's impossible not to have a smile on your face with a Colour Explosion Fun Run!

    Safe for skin and eyes!

    Our colour powder is tested, safe and non-toxic. Our genuine Holi Colour Powder is made of high quality cornstarch with permitted food-safe colours. You can be sure that students skin and eyes are safe from harm!

    We import our own Holi Colour Powder direct from one of the largest and most reputable suppliers in India. We don’t source from a third party. By sourcing direct we can ensure our powder is safe and fully tested with Safety Data.

    It is safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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    We help you along the way!

    We can help you with all the things you will need to run a successful Colour School Fun Run event. We can provide you with:

    • Registration forms
    • Draft of a risk assessment*
    • Event posters

    All you need to do is provide the course, the kids, the chatter and the cheering and we supply the colour!

    *We supply an Australian Safety Data Sheet which schools can use to produce their own Risk Assessment.

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    Turn your Colour Fun Run into a fundraising event!

    Many schools like to have a School colourful run explosion event and charge an entry fee to the event to help raise funds.

    However, there are other ways to host the brightest day at school and raise a huge amount of money through your fundraiser. One example is to partner with our sister company, Australian Fundraising!

    Talk to our fundraising experts at Australian Fundraising by calling 1300 133 022 or visiting their website.

    How it works – get your colour fun run up and running

    Here’s a quick outline of how most colour fun runs work in schools around Australia.

    • Your school colourful run explosion can be a fun run with various types of obstacles throughout the course – this make it fun and interesting for students
    • We can supply up to seven safe and vivid colour powders. Have up to seven stations around the course with each with one of the seven powders or just have different colours at the end of the course.
    • Students wear white shirts/t-shirts and/or our range of sunglasses
    • Set up your course
    • Throw the powder in the air and at the bodies of the students to ensure a good covering. Do not throw directly at the face.
    • Have extra powder at the finish line so you can have a mammoth explosion of powder to provide a memorable finish.
    • Don’t forget to take lots of photos of your colour fun run!!!

    Why choose Holi Colour Powder?

    We’ve got a long history of working with Australian schools to help them complete successful colour fun runs. Since 1999 we’ve helped thousands of schools in their fundraising efforts through our sister company Australian Fundraising.

    We’ve set up this Holi Colour Powder website to give schools a chance to buy holi colour powder online as some schools simply want to have a colourful ending to a sports event or fun run without making it a large fundraising effort.

    Our colour powder for schools gives you the opportunity to simply purchase the coloured powder online, the colour powder bottles and have a colour explosion at the end of your fun run!!