Ten different uses and ideas for holi powder

If you’ve ever seen images, video or pictures of holi powder events or even of the Holi Festival itself, there’s not many photos where people don’t have a huge smile on their face. It’s something that’s colourful and help to bring out the joy and vibrancy of life at any event where holi colour powder is thrown, used or dispersed.

It’s colourful, it’s fun, and best of all it’s inexpensive and you can buy holi powder online!

What are some ideas for holi powder events?

If you’ve ever been to a colour run explosion or holi powder event, you know how fun and messy they can get and you’ve probably thought to yourself “I wonder what else I can use holi powder for?” Well, we’ve compiled a bunch of different ideas for holi powder events and how you can use this highly vibrant, colourful and fun-to-use powder.

School Fun Runs

This is by far the most popular use of our holi colour powder as it creates an exciting element to any school run or an explosive end to the event. Usually teachers will set up obstacles during the run that students need to go through, climb over or dive under whilst they have holi powder aimed at them.

If you’re planning on making a huge colour explosion at the end of a fun run or event, our single use colour powder packets are perfect for this. Simply hand out a pack of holi colour dust to each student at the end of the event and have them fling the colours into the air – oh, and don’t forget to have your cameras at the ready!!!

Colourful Holi Powder Sprinkled Engagement Shoots

If you want an inventive way of letting everyone know you’re getting hitched, why not do it with style, colour and a little splash of holi powder magic! If you both wear white and have some fun with the colour powder, you can get some imaginative and memorable photos that you will look back on fondly for years to come.

Wedding photos – Trash the dress sessions

Weddings can sometimes be long, dreary and stuffy events – but not with holi colour powder. Release all that stress over the planning and execution of your perfect day with clouds of colour and shrieks of laughter.

Typically brides wear white, so why not the groom as well? Then all your bridesmaids, groomsmen and even the guests if they’re game can have an all-out colour war!

Waterslides with a difference

Everyone loves a slip and slide on a hot summer’s day, why not turn that sliding and smiling into colour and cheer? By adding blasts of colour to your waterslide party or event you can really add a different type of fun and the best thing is, because all our holi powders are non-toxic, don’t stain and wash off with water it’s super easy to clean up.

Brighten up any birthday party

Any birthday can be instantly brightened up with the addition of Holi colour powder. You can incorporate the holi powder into games or have a colour explosion at the beginning or end of the party.

Just remember if it’s a childrens party, let parents know in advance that you’re planning on using colour powder at your birthday party so they’re able to send a spare pair of clothes along or dress their kids appropriately.

Colourful snow – the good kind

If you live in a part of Australia that gets snow (our head office is in Brisbane so we think you’re pretty lucky if you get snow where you live) a coloured snow event, party or photo shoot can be a really fun experience and something that looks great on camera.

Coloured snowballs exploding make for a lot of fun along with rainbow snow angels and colourful snowmen!

Family portraits that brighten up any room

We’ve all been to a house where there’s a stuffy, rehearsed and planned out series of family photos that looked staged and kind of boring.

Make your family photos something to remember and be the envy of all your friends by getting a hold of some colour powder and making a colourful family portrait your kids will remember fondly for years to come (and you’ll be happy to display in frames around your home).

Gender reveals

Gender reveal parties are pretty big in the United States, but more and more people are enjoying a reason to have a party in Australia and what better excuse than to reveal the gender of your baby. There are lots of different ways you can use Holi colour powder to reveal your baby’s gender from putting the powder into a balloon and popping it, creating a pink or blue colour cloud, through to a full-blown powder cannon that gives everyone in the immediate area no doubt about the gender of your baby!

Colour battles

The idea is simple – split kids or everyone at the event / party into two groups. Each group gets their own colours (you can use multiple colours if you’d like or have multiple groups depending on how many people there are) and you go to war.

Our 100 gram packets of colour powder are perfect for this. If each participant has at least 1-3 packets, it’s going to be a mighty fun game for everyone but they do tend to go quickly so if you’re having lots of people, or you want to play for a long time, it might be an idea to get a couple of our bulk boxes of colour powder.

Usually teams will get an amount of time before the war to plan their attack, but we can tell you from experience that it usually quickly devolves into ‘every man, woman and child for themselves’ with lots of laughs, giggles and ‘I got you’s’.

Colour Twister

This is a great idea for a kids party. You will need 4 different colours (green, red, blue and yellow) to put a small pile of powder on each circle of the play mat. It’s very simple because you don’t have to change the rules of twister at all, it’s just when everyone falls over at the end, there’s a rainbow of colour and fun!